pag1People Textures Environments is an international exhibition featuring the permanent art collection of the project THRU CONTEMPORARY ARTS, an initiative of the non-profit Trinidad and Tobago-based organization GETTHRU founded by GA Gardner. The collection will include works from the USA, Spain, Germany, and Trinidad and Tobago, and ranges from mixed media, collage, photography, digital, installation and paintings to embroidery. In keeping with its mission THRU CONTEMPORARY ARTS hopes to open a dialog about art and creative approaches to addressing societal issues in various countries. People Textures Environments links the commonality of human experience, using art, be it representational or abstract, to discuss people’s concerns and environments.

The organization shares its permanent collection with galleries, museums and public art spaces around the world.  People Textures Environments launches the organization’s efforts in this area. THRU CONTEMPORARY ARTS timed this exhibition to coincide with the iconic Art Cologne as a way to further encourage and expand artistic exchange.

Cologne, Germany at Q18



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